Fire Awareness Course

Fire Awareness Training Courses

The fire awareness training course is suitable for all members of staff to ensure they are fully conversant with their fire safety duties within the work place.

Fire Awareness Training across Northern Ireland

The objective of each fire awareness training course is to give delegates all round knowledge of what to do in the event of a fire.

The course subjects covered include:

  • Chemistry of combustion
  • Causes of fire spread
  • Fire precaution measures in the workplace
  • What action to take on discovering a fire
  • How to raise the alarm
  • What to do when hearing a fire alarm
  • Who’s responsible for calling the emergency services
  • The location of extinguishers and escape routes
  • Dealing with disabled persons and evacuation procedures
  • Theoretical fire extinguisher training
  • Practical fire extinguisher training

Every fire awareness course is reinforced with videos and questionnaires to help delegates retain the information.

Any further questions on our Fire Awareness Training Course?

If you would like to find out more about the fire awareness training course, or if you cannot find the fire safety or fire extinguisher training which you are looking for, give us a call on 028 2564 5374. we can create bespoke training tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.