Fire Warden (Marshall) Course

Fire Warden (Marshall) Training Courses

The Fire Warden (Marshal) training course is suitable for all members of staff who have been appointed to the role of fire warden/marshals

Appointing and training Fire Wardens/Marshal will provide management with the opportunity to significantly improve fire safety practices in the workplace, improve communications and share the workload in the implementation of good fire safety management.

At Rea Fire Safety, we offer comprehensive Fire Warden/Marshal training package to help you comply with your legal obligation

This course provides a clear understanding of the responsibilities, duties and role of the Fire Warden and Fire Marshal.

The objective of each course is to give delegates all round knowledge of the duties of a Fire Warden/Marshal.

The course subjects covered include:

Fire Warden (Marshal) Training

  • For designated fire wardens
  • Understanding legislation
  • Impact of fire on industry
  • Chemistry of combustion
  • Causes of fire spread
  • Spotting and reporting of fire hazards
  • Taking appropriate action in the event of fire
  • Playing a lead part in fire drills
  • Fire marshal’s duties
  • Theoretical fire extinguisher training
  • Practical fire extinguisher use
  • Duration: 3 ½ hours

Every Fire Warden (Marshal) course is reinforced with videos and questionnaires to help delegates retain the information.

Any further questions on our Fire Warden (Marshal) Training Course?

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