Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessment Service in Northern Ireland

It is mandatory for every business to conduct a fire risk assessment in order to keep people safe from fire. As an Institution of Fire Engineers Registered Fire Risk Assessor (Life Safety), we offer a professional service to allow you to comply with fire safety legislation. your fire risk assessment will be completed by a competent person. (As defined in the British Standards PAS 79:2005 document).

At Rea Fire, we are committed to helping your business create a safer workplace for you and your employees. As fire risk assessment experts, we ensure that each fire risk assessment is personalised and site specific for your business, no matter how many locations you have. We will also provide you with an accurate account of your current fire safety arrangements and recommend any improvements you should make. Additionally, we will also supply your business with any additional fire safety advice you may need.

Our fire safety consultants will recommend any additional measures you need to take to reduce the risk of fire. This is extremely important for businesses in either high rise buildings or shared office spaces

Fire Risk Assessment Services in Northern IrelandFire Risk Assessment will include the following:

Means of escape from the building
Means of detecting fire
Means of giving warning in case of fire
Means for fighting fires
Means to limit fire spread and the development of fire
Emergency lighting
Fire safety signs and notices
Any other relevant fire safety measures required

Our other services you can benefit from

Alongside risk assessments, we also provide awareness courses. This includes safety advice, instructions on how to use fire safety equipment and how to identify risks. During training, we adopt real flame experience using a clean and safe propane fueled training rig. Contact us today for a free consultation.